Credit: Clément Guegan

TopiumThe Montreal electro-jazz duo Topium (latin name meaning pleasure garden) emerged from the meeting of two musicians: Jérôme Dupuis-Cloutier and Jonathan Gagné. It‘s while collaborating on various jazz projects that the pair met. They instantly developed a complicity which couldn‘t be ignored.

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Thanks to their jazz roots and shared interest for electronic music, Jérôme (trumpet, keyboard), and Jonathan (drum, programming), created Topium in 2015. Equally spontaneous and methodical, this Quebec outfit finds pleasure through improvisation and the search of structures. Their tracks combine rich, organic analog/acoustic sounds with digital elements, which is reproduced both on record and on stage. Electro-jazz, hypnotic rhythm meets cloudy, ambient soundscape. With a universal, relatable sound, Topium sure knows how to add a deliciously groovy touch to their instrumental tracks. The duo will appeal to both newcomers and regulars of the jazz/electro scene. Why Topium, you may ask? Nope, it‘s not a reference to the opiates; it‘s simply because it rolls off th
e tongue nicely and catches the ear.

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Videoclip – Trylium

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Topium Festival International de Jazz de Montréal 2017




Découvrez Topium en reportage radio et video au Festival Sakifo (Ile de La Réunion) sur la Radio Nationale Belge (RTBF). Merci à  Jean-Bernard Rauzer.

Topium from Jean-Bernard Rauzer on Vimeo.

1976 – Official Videoclip


Session MEG 2016


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