The first extract from “Zero Ground”, Hyperselfies proposes a unifocal and hallucinated journey around the Earth during which the selfie sees itself in its monstrous dimension. The making of this anxious and syncopated montage derived from morphing will have required more than 300 strange self-portraits gleaned from the surface of Google Street View. Navigating between ambient, drone and experimental, the music of “Hypeselfies” is composed according to Landsat 8’s position in the Earth’s orbit. This American geographic monitoring satellite is one of the main providers of images from Google Earth. For this, the artist used a device called OCTO that he himself designed and developed. It is an instrument that adapts data streams in real time into musical sequences transmitted to synthesizers.

Musjo Music was created in 2014 when rock and jazz musician Jonathan Gagné and event planner Mustapha Terki of MEG Montreal came together and created Musjo Music. Made with the purpose to be able to offer services to local and international artist. Our offices are located in the heart Montreal and we are also members of the Society of composers, authors and music publishing of Canada (SOCAN). We also offer a musical catalogue that is made up of a variety of diverse artist and genres certain to please the ones whom love good music.