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L. Teez signs with Hydrophonik Records

It’s with the greatest joy that I’m announcing that I have signed my first Record Deal with Hydrophonik Records 💽💽 Publishing will be assured through Les Productions Musjo. Expect two new EPs by the end of the year.

L. Teez finally presents his first single “Dat Jazz”

The new hip hop-jazz sensation is finally revealed! L.Teez, Montreal author and performer, today reveals his first single “Dat Jazz”, a perfect blend of Hip Hop and Jazz. “Some of the lyrics in the title touch on social issues, but my main objective was to associate jazz rhythm with a hip hop flow”, says L Teez. Inspired by The Roots, De la Soul, Jazzmatazz Guru, Miles Davies and DJ Premiere at 22, L.Teez is already well known in the underground clubs of the city where he is praised for his unparalleled energy on stage. A poetic and thoughtful author, he makes it a point of honor to tune his texts with a rich and well thought-out instrumentals. He took his first steps with the trombone and the trumpet at school and continued the tradition by devoting himself to singing, more specifically to rap at his 15th birthday. It was by acquiring a rich musical culture that L. Teez was able to communicate his artistic universe and create his identity. In 2012, the period of emergence of Newschool hip hop, L.Teez began writing and signing authentic and personal texts, dealing with his vision of the world, what surrounds him and his experiences. He has already proven himself at the MEG Festival by sharing the stage with acts like Earth, Wind and Fire, Afrikana Soul Sister and the producer Guts, and has performed in several cities in Europe and Asia as well.


L. Teez- No Name

 L. Teez- Hoodie Music

Lyrics by Lee Amayes Terki. Music by Jason Marcus Kellner.
Video Made by Étienne de Durocher

L. Teez- DAT Jazz

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